Wednesday, January 4, 2017

[H-Games][RPG] King Exit Ver.1.07

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* Story 
The hero Geoluise has lost everything: 
her city, comrades, family... she's been the victim of terrible crimes, 
and now, she's left to die in the depths of hell on earth. 
The kingdom's largest prison, for its vilest offenders-----"The Pit"

Someone has fortified these rotten walls. 
Some sly schemer made this oubliette a fortress 
where dethroned leaders are abandoned, at best; 
dissenters suffer the fate of torture. 

Geoluise has joined their pitiable ranks. 

... But in here, she meets a blind girl. 
As fellow prisoners they bond, 
and from that bond a plan is born. 
They won't die in The Pit. 
Women will rise, smash the walls, 
smash the scheming evil that put them here-----

The mission is a "jailbreak". 

The mission is ... King Exit. 

* Game 
The protagonist is a prisoner! 
Battle in your dreams - in jail! 
Lose and the consequences are terrible! 
30 H events + 9 BAD END events! 

Playable in public! 
You can skip events before they start. 

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